Fresh Talents, Bright Future

Fresh Talents, Bright Future

Fresh Talents, Bright Futures by Isis Snow

The highly anticipated 23-24 season for the Hawks has begun and with it comes many new faces. With only four returning sophomores, the Hawks have a relatively new team.

However, the newcomers are learning quickly through trial by fire, with four starting freshmen.

The team has a lot of shining potential which could lead to a bright future for the Hawks.

Two key role players pivotal to winning this season are making a huge impact on the court. Coming off last year's torn ACL injury, Asnate Gerke has started out swinging.

Being the veteran on the court, she leads the team, and though that comes with a lot of responsibility, Gerke continues to deliver each game. Gerke not only puts up 14 ppg but also has racked up 40 steals in just 11 games. Her style of defense is ruthless and competitive, which will be a deciding factor in how far this team will go this season. Another dominant force for the Hawks is Masiel Reyes. The freshman from Riverview High School has made a big splash in her rookie season, leading the team in points per game with a stat line of 19.3. Being one of the top scorers in the region, she finds her points through her excellent three-point shot and ability to drive to the hole. Standing at 5'8, Reyes averages 9 rebounds per game, outrebounding some of the tallest players on the court. She is a force to be reckoned with this season and other teams can only hope to keep her in front of them.

Though these are young Hawks, they are hungry to make a name for themselves. Along with the leadership of the sophomores, Championship contention is surely upon the horizon.